Salvi's Traditional Sign Painting & Design - Keeping a tradition Alive.

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Welcome!         In our lives whether it be personal or business, first impressions are a significant moment in everyone's life.  I'm passionate about helping clients with those moments through great signs that define who and what your business is.. Done well even the smallest signs can deliver powerful messages. Emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through differently for various businesses.  By creating a great sign that stands out, that first impression  will last a lifetime. 
My specialties are custom lettered, hand painted and designed signs for all types of businesses and even individuals who want to personalize their homes.  I'm often asked why not use computers and laser cutting tools?  My response is simple.  Anyone can learn computer programs, not everyone can design by hand. It's an old fashion trade that I feel people respect when someone can provide them with the service. 
It would be an honor and a pleasure to design a great sign that says just as much about you as it does your business.  

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